Mother Tongue Program (MTP)

mother tongueAt Østerbro International School, we believe mother tongue tuition is vital for a student’s cultural identity. It enriches personal growth and stability.

ØIS recognizes the importance of students learning and developing their mother tongue. All students are offered mother tongue education when they enter the school.

The courses are offered if there are at least 5 students in the school from grades 2 to 9 requiring such tuition. Mother tongue education takes place after school for two hours per week, depending upon the age of the child (current examples include Arabic, Italian, Turkish and Urdu).

The school supports mother tongue instruction by making classroom space and teaching materials available to language groups.

In Spring term of 2014, we offered Arabic, Italian, Turkish and Urdu languages every Wednesdays and Thursday after school.

Mother Tongue Program Coordinator
Chiara Giani