Upper PYP

Japanese Language Club

Welcome to the land of the rising sun, Japan. This elective will work as a bridge in bringing you a step closer to Japan. As a basic beginners course to the Japanese language and culture, this elective aims

– to unwrap the mystery of Far East with its cultural folk tales.

– to build up vocabulary and expression for everyday conversational Japanese.

– to learn to write the script with the magical wand of calligraphy.

– to immerse in the world of manga and animae through comics and animation.

When: every Wednesday from 15.30

Start date: 14 September 2016

Where: ØIS

Who: Upper PYP and MYP Students

Cost: 10 lessons, 995 kr, discount for siblings (min. 5 Students)

Enrollment: Please write to Ms. Rashmi Jethani – rashmijethani@gmail.com


Bollywood dance

Training absolute beginners looking to learn a new style or to develop technique, the class has something for everyone.

The first set of classes are focused on building and developing technique and learning choreography. The second set of classes are focused on fitness and yoga. All classes will exercise your body and mind but cater to different student needs. The aim of the class to enjoy the joy and freedom of Bollywood music which is high in energy and absolute fun.

When: every Friday: PYP from 1.45 pm; MYP from 15.30

Start date: 16 September 2016

Where: PE room

Who: Who: PYP – 50. Kr. Per session (1 hour)

MYP – 75 kr. Per session (1 hour)

Cost: PYP – 50 Kr. per session (1 hour), MYP – 75 kr. per session (1 hour)

Enrollment: Please write to Mrs. Bharati Ajay Panicker: bharatiajay@gmail.com


Football club

When: every Wednesday from 15.30 (two groups will be defined)

Start date: 14 September 2016

Where: Ryparken Idrætsanlæg

Cost: 900 kr (300 for 3 tryout lessons – 600 for the whole season) for payment: click here

Who: boys and girls from Kindergarten to PYP 5

Enrollment: click here


“Our invisible cities” : Theater and dance workshop with open day performance

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Novel “ Invisible cities”, the workshop’s aim is to overcome superficial curiosity and knowledge of “the other”, to be able to meet, share and express oneself without inhibition. We will guide children and enable them to create their own imaginary towns, by understanding, developing and exploring relationship between town’s citizens and invent peculiarities that distinguish an imaginary city from the other.
We believe a performing art education is complement in developing social skills, personal self esteem, overcoming excessive shyness, finding “gusto” in a creative language/discipline and both dance and theater education are powerful instruments to create healthy relationships among peers.

We will help to learn and explore body, movement, voice and relationships capacities through dance and theater exercises.

Focus will be to develop ‘individuals’ while teaching practical skills based on contemporary dance techniques, improvisation, creative dance and choreography in a fun and ironic atmosphere.

The workshop is open to boys and girls alike, please have them wear comfortable clothing.

When: every Thursday from 14.45 pm to 16.15 pm (12 lessons in total)

Start date: 22th September- 15th December

Who: PYP2-PYP5

Min. participants: 10 Max participants: 20

Cost: 900 kr (75 kr per lesson)

Enrollment: Please write to Anu RajalaErkut

contact info: anu.rajalaerkut@gmail.com , deliatrice.dk@gmail.com