Lower PYP


Bollywood Dance

Training absolute beginners looking to learn a new style or to develop technique, the class has something for everyone. The first set of classes are focused on building and developing technique and learning choreography. The second set of classes are focused on fitness and yoga. All classes will exercise your body and mind but cater to different student needs. The aim of the class to enjoy the joy and freedom of Bollywood music which is high in energy and absolute fun.

When: every Friday: PYP from 1.45 pm; MYP from 15.30

Start date: 16 September 2016

Where: PE room

Who: PYP and MYP

Cost: PYP – 50 Kr. per session (1 hour), MYP – 75 kr. per session (1 hour)

Enrollment: Please write to Mrs. Bharati Ajay Panicker: bharatiajay@gmail.com