PTA – The Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher AssociationAt ØIS, the role of the PTA is to provide a social network that creates a sense of community in the school, while striving to improve the school in various ways. Teachers and parents collaborate to plan events that benefit the school and the students.

Events may have a social or fund-raising nature. Social events focus on creating closer ties between the school and parent communities whereas; fund-raising events focus on raising money for future events and ØIS school improvements. Past events have included an annual book fair, bake sales, special celebration parties, Pizza Fridays and the Spring Clean-Up Day, among others.

Every parent is a member of the PTA and your level of involvement can vary according to your time and willingness. Class Parents are elected at the first parent meeting at the beginning of every school year. They represent all the parents from their child’s class at the PTA meetings.They also  organize and coordinate events throughout the year. Other ways for parents to volunteer include helping to organize events, baking for bake sales, contributing ideas for events, etc.

The PTA consists of Class Parents, parent members and teachers. Each class has 2-3 Class Parents. One Class Parent must attend the PTA meetings to represent their child’s class and act as the link between the PTA and the Class they represent.

The school requires that each family pay an annual 250DKK PTA fee at the beginning of the year. An account for the school’s PTA will be set up separately by the school and money spent and earned through events will be managed and monitored by the PTA Treasurer.  Throughout the year, the PTA meets each month to discuss issues relating to students and general school issues.

PTA Meeting Minutes – 30.11,2016

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