CAMPS are a series of week long, in-depth topic workshops for children from 7 up to 12 years old. English as Second Language (ESL) Camp is tailored for students from 6 up to 17 years old, divided into age appropriate groups. Each CAMP week is led by qualified teaching staff and has a project goal. Students experiment in a cooperative environment that takes learning outside the classroom and will have the opportunity to display their work in the Summer Program Exhibition held in the first week of school.

Goals for the CAMP Program:

– To work on a specific topic and project as a group

– To explore new ways of learning, new ideas, new techniques

– To share time with other students with interests like yours

– To see what kind of things you might be able to produce in a short amount of time

Minimum nr. of children per camp: 5 Maximum nr. of children per camp: 12 When: See calendar below – from 9 am to 3.30 pm Price: 1400 DKK per week, includes morning fruit and afternoon whole-grain snack.


Week 26 (June 26th-30th)

Facilitator: Ms. Stella Strouvali

Are you ready to blast off? This summer students will become astronauts by embarking upon missions that will help them explore our universe and learn about the mythology of the cosmos. Our young astronauts will discover the environments and atmosphere of outer space through astonishing experiments, hands-on act ivi t ies (e.g. craf t s , baking e. t .c. ) , demonstrations and treasure hunts. Part of the program will be focused on the partial lunar eclipses that will be visible from Copenhagen this August. Students will never stare up at the sky quite the same way again!


Week 26 (June 26th-30th)


Facilitator: Ms. Emma Pouncey

These classes are for everyone with a sweet tooth and a passion for baking. From cakes and cupcakes to bread and pastry, these classes will provide a large amount of basic baking knowledge. The teacher is a fully qualified chef, with experience working in bakeries and restaurants. Class requirement: hair tied up and an apron or two.

MUSIC CAMP- Explore the creative possibilities of sound.

Week 27 (July 3rd-7th)


Facilitator: Mr. Edward Treacy

Using professional equipment and software, learn to capture and edit all manner of noises from saxophone ‘squonks’ and clangorous percussion to bicycles and birdsong. Get out and about for Field Recording and Sound Collage, sharpen your ‘Cut-out’ Lyric Writing skills, design a fully functioning Software Instrument, Record Your Own Song and take home an mp3. Whether you rap, sing, play the bassoon or the spoons, this fun-packed week of noisy games and activities is sure to be an ear-opening experience. (No prior ability required.)


Week 30 (July 24th-28th)

Facilitator: Ms. Elana Thoren

Is your child ready to explore Copenhagen from all different angles? We will see the city from the water on a canal boat, high up in the sky on the top of the Rundetårn, and also in the green, magical Botanisk Have. A week of exploring this city is not complete without spending time in one of Copenhagen’s great museums, so we will visit one! We will also test our cooking skills by preparing a picnic and trekking to Parken to enjoy the summer weather and play some outdoor games. Your child will learn more about the city while having a week full of fun at camp! Please note, the activities may change due to weather or number of campers, but no matter what, your child will have tons of fun!


Week 30 (July 24th-28th)

Facilitator: Ms. Venera Stika

All kids are invited to join a week-long wonderful summer camp full of music. They will discover the joy of music through their natural curiosity and creativity. Using musical instruments, creative play, movement, dance, songs, group performance and more, students will gain experience with all of the fundamentals of music. There will be a special performance at the end of the week so kids can share what they have learnt. If your kids have a musical instrument at home, they are welcome to bring it with them. No musical background is required.

VISUAL ART CAMP – Painting from the cave to the future..

Week 31 (July 31st- August 4th)

Facilitator: Ms. Sarah McNulty

This week we will take an in-depth (& playful) look at visual art, from prehistoric caves to contemporary expanded painting. We will look throughout history, try our hand at traditional and experimental techniques, take risks with diverse materials and surfaces, go out into the city and explore contemporary art here in Copenhagen and most importantly have fun! (Practical info: please send students in clothes that they don’t mind getting a bit messy..)


Week 31 (July 31st-August 4th)

Facilitator: Ms. Rashmmi Jethani

This camp is a Global Trek inviting children to go around the world without leaving Denmark! Together, we will investigate people, places , foods and environment of other 5 continents. We will make our travel journal and fill it with interesting facts/information and also design postcards. Each day is filled with a range of activities to engage children in developing Global Awareness. A glimpse of some of the activities from the camp: to draw landscape map of New York City (US), design samba costumes (Brazil), learn about rock art (Kenya), try some moves with our Happy Feet (Australia) and more.


Week 32 (August 7th-11th)

Facilitators: Mr. Patrick Lindahl and Mr. Julius Beglaubter

In this week the kids will get the opportunity to be active. Mostly outdoor so that we can enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful Danish weather.. The kids will be able to play all kinds of sports like football, rounders, basketball, floorball, parkour, badminton, table tennis, ultimate, etc. Through alternative warm up and stretching exercises During the week of sports/physical education, we will show the kids how to explore and move your body in different and fun ways. Join us for a week of active fun in the sun!


Week 32 (August 7th-11th)

For students from 6 years old up to 17 years old. ESL camp invites students to have fun and get comfortable with English. Each day will be planned with age appropriate tasks and activities to help students get ready for school. – we plan on using games and role pay techniques – enhance vocabulary by describing different things and situations – watch videos and build our comprehension – encourage simple class discussions – inculcate love for reading with reading buddies And so much more… ESL camp aims to boost self confidence in all students.

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